With CardEvo, Associates are able to
build their residual income while
living the lifestyle they desire!

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CardEvo allows the merchant to pass their credit card and debit card processing fees onto their customers. CardEvo eliminates the typical 2.5% – 4% the merchant typically pays to accept credit cards. Remember when a merchant makes $1,000,000 in sales by credit card, they do not receive $1,000,000 they receive the $1,000,000 minus their Credit Card processing fees of 4% typically leaving them with about $960,000. CardEvo eliminates these fees saving the merchant thousands of dollars per year!

Cash Discounting is when a merchant advertises that the prices of items in their business is a cash price and if you choose to pay with a credit or debit card you will now have to pay a
higher price. You are now rewarding the cash paying customers rather than the credit card paying customers that cost you a lot of money to accept because you are paying for their airline miles/rewards/cash back etc

Residuals are paid out for as long as your merchants are processing with us. It gives you the flexibility to take vacations or time off but still generate monthly / yearly income.

Absolutely, here at CardEvo we believe in our sales reps financial growth and so we outline a
volume tiered structure which enables you to increase your residual split per tier met.

Just about anyone can do well selling CardEvo! Typically a sales background helps or If you have an outgoing personality and love talking with people, you’ll love all the face-to-face and phone interactions you’ll get to have with business owners. If you have existing relationship with business owners this a huge advantage! Most people start off by signing their friends and families businesses then move towards business
contacts. We guarantee if you knock on 10 businesses doors a day then eventually you will close a deal

Since CardEvo charges the merchant no credit card processing fees typically the only time
a merchant cancels is if they are going out of business. An average merchant should stay
for the remainder of their businesses lifetime 7-11 years

Bonuses / commissions are paid out once a week. Residual is paid 30 days in the arrears. For Example, you would be paid in February for your merchants processing volume in January.

We pay all of our agents on 1099, meaning you receive 100% of all income generated and you’re responsible for paying taxes.

We offer you the opportunity to be your own boss and make your own hours. However, your commitment level directly correlates to your income potential. Typically, the more hours you put in, the higher your residual income will be.

NO! There are absolutely no costs associated for you to take advantage of this opportunity. All you need is determination and commitment to be successful!

Yes this is a 100% remote position.